Welcome to Coco Filbry!

My name is Florentine Filbry, I called myself Coco when I was little (probably because Florentine was a bit difficult to pronounce ;) and my family still calls me Coco to this day.

As a little girl I found it very important that my attic room looked warm and cozy. I obediently made my bed every morning and arranged the pillows and bedspread (to my mother's delight ;).

Every once in a while the whole room also had to be completely redecorated; the layout had to change and I was a regular at the local paint store. At the end of the day, everyone had to come upstairs so I could proudly show them how it had turned out.

This was no different when I later lived on my own in Amsterdam; I had seen a beautiful color somewhere that I wanted to try out, at the end of the day my entire living room was painted and arranged differently.

In addition to my work as a SEA consultant, which mainly takes place behind a screen, I felt the need to be more creative and work with my hands. I have always loved interior design and warm colours. Lighting in particular plays a major role in this and can give a lot of atmosphere to a room.

During the period that I lived in my beloved Cape Town with my boyfriend, I finally had some time to fulfill the need to create something with my hands. It was there that I made my first lampshade in 2019.

Once back in the Netherlands I continued to do this until I am now at a point where I want to share my creations with others!

Do you want to discuss possibilities or do you need advice? Feel free to contact me, I like to think along with you!
Coco Filbry